The Future of Civil Transport is Smart Cars

by yourblogging

For over 2 decades it has been a heavy work for developers and researchers who planned to bring out this new smart car series that runs purely on electricity and avoids gasoline completely. Today it is a reality and there have been many cars that are eco friendly and use only electric power to drive the engine. The specialty of such vehicles is that they have everything in space without any sacrifice in features or comfort of the passengers and the only disadvantage of these vehicles are it can let only two people to travel. People have been crazy about electric vehicle conversions but this type of vehicles can be a boon to such folks who are interested in electric cars.

May be this problem can be surpassed in the future with some more features added to it making them the most preferable public transport in the future wait and see the trends.  Previously they had been test cars and now it is fully launched to the public. They are also little expensive than the normal cars again future is bright and numerous developments have been initiated and this can bring down the cost some day to an affordable range.  The smart electric cars are driven by lithium ion batteries that lasts longer period but some new improvements are taking place in the battery industries that is expected to raise the life of these electric car batteries by significant amount which is a good news to both the company and the consumer as this will help reduce the price of the vehicle and the maintenance cost also comes down a bit.

smart electric car image

Here is an example of the car.